Dr David Lipkin

Cardiac Heart Specialist


Private Medical Insurance

Dr Lipkin is recognised by all major private health insurance companies in the UK.

Patients with private medical insurance must contact their insurance company prior to the appointment in order to obtain a pre-authorisation code or claim number.

We will send the patient's invoice directly to an insurer only if a pre-authorisation code is provided prior to the consultation.

Please note, however, that any payment made by an insurer is considered to be a contribution towards the cost of treatment, but the responsibility for payment lies with the patient.

It is therefore imperative that the exact level of cover and any potential shortfall, if any (for which the patient will be liable) is established at the outset.

Insured patients are politely requested to leave their credit or debit card details with the practice so that any shortfall or excess may be deducted after the insurer has made its contribution.

Please note that prior to any subsequent consultations patients should contact their insurance company for confirmation of entitlement to benefit and to obtain a corresponding authorisation code or claim number.

Self-funding patients and patients with international insurance policies (excluding BUPA International) are kindly requested to settle their account with us at the time of consultation all major debit and credit cards are accepted (except for American Express).

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